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College Artworks Magazine (Issue 1 – Volume 1)

Good day to all you artists out there!

If you’ve come here through the College Artworks Facebook page then you know why you’re here. If you just happened to stumble by us then let me tell you who we are!

We are a group of College Students new, and old who have a passion for fashion -erm- I mean art! We live, breathe, and draw in an artistic style because, hey, that’s just how our minds tend to work. We created College Artworks on November 20th of 2012 not too long ago but it’s already increasing in popularity, and we are grateful for it.

Today is November 30th which means Volume 1 Issue 1 of “College Artworks Magazine” is ready for download. The magazine was begun by the groups founder A. Analise, and she’s gotten many people to contribute on it. We hope that you will enjoy the contents and if you want to submit something either leave a comment below telling us what you’d like to talk about or send us an Email:


We hope you enjoy the Issue!

~A. Analise



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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