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Interview with Ms. Fairbanks

Spring is a time of rebirth, and renewals. What better way to show that than by theatre? The questions I had for Ms. Fairbanks were;

What goes on behind the scenes to create wonderful productions that you’ve accomplished with C.A.S.T and the Manchester High School Students?

Behind the scenes there is a lot of late nights staying and making sure nothing could go wrong that we can prevent prior to the show.


How crucial are those props, and mechanics that go into it?

The props and mechanics that go into the productions are very important because they help create the scene.


If there wasn’t a Tech Crew to handle the backstage equipment do you believe the productions would run successfully? If so, why?

I believe that without the tech crew the productions would not run as successful because we are trained to run the rigging and lights and sound.


Why did you get involved in theatre?

I got involved because my family was involved so it came natural for me to get involved.


What makes it so special? The people you meet, the sets and stage?

Every little detail becomes so important and special.


Are actors really close knit when creating a show?

The actors and tech crew become very close when working on a show. We become a little family.


In your personal experience, have you ever forgotten a line, and improv’d?

I can honestly say I have never forgotten a line but I have worked with people who have.


How do you personally feel when you are doing a performance?

Once I get into it I’m fine but the beginning I’m nervous and shaking.


Are their any upcoming shows in April for us to watch out for? Will you be in it?

There are no performances in April.

If you’re interested in visiting C.A.S.T. or finding out when a performance is coming just check their website by clicking on C.A.S.T.



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