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Interview with NatyMetal

We asked the wonderful Costa Rican Metal Model a few questions about her modeling career, and about her wonderful magazine Gorgeous Freaks.

Where does the name NatyMetal come from?
Well Naty comes from Natalia, everybody calls me Naty and Metal, because I am a huge metal music lover.

What drew you into the modeling and graphic design scene?
Well alternative modeling is way different than mainstream modeling, in alt model you can be versatile, you can be just you, people don’t discriminate, so it’s always fun and graphic designs, because I have always liked being creative so it’s something I am passionate about.

Why/how did you create or get into creating the Gorgeous Freaks magazine?
Well gorgeous freaks started first because my Sis and I always wanted to be in an agency, but here in our country it was hard because they didn’t accept alternative models, and also we saw that more ALT models were looking for that so we decided to create an online agency to help models get more exposure and promotion, then we wanted to give them more opportunities so we created the magazine on November 2011.

(That’s pretty funny since we started College Artworks November 2012!)

Is it hard or daunting trying to find things for each issue? Do you have advice for College Artworks since we’re just really starting out?.

Nah, right now it’s not that hard, thanks to all the people we have had a good response so many people now know our magazine and we give everybody a chance to be featured, so we are always looking for new artists, [advice to College Artworks];  Just to keep pushing and keep doing what you love, dont give up, and try promoting yourself the best that you can.

Back to your modeling; where did the interest come from, how old we’re you when it first began?
I started on 2008, I was 18, I started by mistake, I went to a goth store to just see it because it was the inaguration, and well the owner asked my sis and i if she could take photos of us for the store so we said yes, and from there we started modeling, I really had fun and i like it so much that I continue.

Do you have modeling advice? And what are your opinions on the ever popular site modeling? Just dont be afraid of being userself, be confident, dont care about what people think about you, be strong and be creative. Well for many people it works I guess, but it’s not my thing. I would love for popular modeling to accept ALT Models but it’s so hard, so I will stick with ALT Modeling! haha!

Anything you feel I missed in asking? Just include it.
Well just that feel free to contact me for work, or my magazine, store, agency, everybody is welcome!

Thank you Naty for the wonderful response!



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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