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Getting to Know: Awaken the Alive

Awaken the Alive is a small band known in Pewaukee, WI, and  we wanted to get an interview with them to spread their wonderful music across the seas.

How old are you guys and who plays what?

  • Alannah, 16, pianist and vocals
  • Austin, 16, guitar, backup vocals
  • Cody, 18, drums

How did you get started as a group and who named you?

When it originally started the lead singer just sang and stumbled upon three words awaken the alive and decided it would be cool to start a band and it all kicked off from there.
What genre do you guys fall under?

Alternative Rock.
Have you done any local gigs yet?

Recently, No.
How long have you all been working together?

Well, the band started around 2009 but with the new members it’s been about 5 months.

You can find their music coming soon to Reverbnation and check out their Facebook page, and if you have anything else you want to find out ask below and we’ll relay the question to the lead directly.

College Artworks even got the opportunity to create some band covers for the group, you can see all 3 below.
























Let us know which one you like the best below!



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