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Interview with Patches

Patches as he’s better known is a BBoy, and a Graffiti Artist. We’ve interviewed him this morning for your reading pleasure. Read on to find out more.


Our first question was;

What got you started in performing arts and graffiti art?

I don’t know really, I think I was about 12 when my cousin came back from Georgia and started BBoying, I like to consider myself patient zero to him. And when I got into graffiti art I was about 10 almost 11 my dad showed me this detailed Graf Art on a huge piece of cardboard he drew on.

That sounds like a lot of fun, do you do any other types of arts?

I can’t lie I freestyle with my buddy Nick a lot. We take in old beats from a tribe called Quest and go H.A.M.

So your cousin got you into dance?

It was a mixture he pushed me at first to go into dance, Sorry Erick, but he was a prick always hard on me about the fundamentals and blah blah blah, but I would see him do such cool feats and be like “Imma be like that one day“, another part was a few of the big name BBoys. It started with BBoy Hong 10, then it went to my real inspiration Neguin; he’s my idol.

Do you ever make beats to dance too?

No, I don’t make beats as a BBoy making beats seems very irrelevant. You’re making stuff to fit an almost uncontrollable pace.

Really? Beats are not my strong suit. Do you ever mix your artwork into your dancing styles at times? like graffiting something as you dance?

Believe me as a BBoy you catch on to any beat its the key to being the perfect dancer. Actually yes, I do small things like crossing out names with fake spray cans or even using my artwork in battles.

So, do you consider yourself the perfect dancer?

Almost there, I’m still inches behind some of the greats but I do have a great balance of it all. I mean sometimes you need to know the medium between being on your feet or in the air. It’s a science almost. One can’t correlate with out the other, don’t just flip if you can hit a freeze. Don’t spin on your head if you can’t move your feet to the music.

Is that what makes a good dancer in your opinion? Knowing when to and not move?

It’s not knowing more of a golden rule. Foundation is key, you’ll hear every bboy say it, you need your foundations 6-Step, top rock, baby freeze. Boom,boom,boom. It’s a formula that always works its best to know what to do than to not try it at all.

True. Have you ever gotten a serious injury? or does the Golden Rule help you not too?

Honestly that golden rule still doesn’t help when you get hurt, I’ve gotten a load of injuries from it, fractured thumb (never got it fixed) sprained ankle, hyper extended knee, pulled shoulder, concussions, even now I have slight tendinitis.

And yet that doesn’t stop you from doing what you love, why?

Pride, there’s one thing to know about why I do it, it’s because of my pride, being a Puerto Rican is a huge part if my pride, and I’m proud to be a dancer, a BBoy for that matter. There’s a relief in knowing that what I do is what I love. And not a lot of people see that when they show interest in something it’s almost like if it isn’t going to bring me money I can’t do it despite how much I love it. I love to be on the floor and in the air, I love to spin on my back my head and even on my palms. It’s fun and that’s what keeps me dancing is the fun it’s worth all money in the world as long as I’m happy doing it. I’ll feel like a million bucks.

What’s the feeling you get when you are dancing?

Almost this weightless relief with like 3000 volts of electricity surging through my veins telling me; that right there that right there was dope man.

Do you think everyone should do what they love despite the money factor?

Hell yeah never do something for money if you honestly started out liking what you do. Money makes people greedy and lose all interest just because they need to make money to pay for stuff. Listen there’s always a blend between the joy you have and making sure your serious about it.

 Our last question, and I really want to know how did you get the name Patches?

The story behind that was I had a hair condition called Alopecia which causes my hair to fall out in spots, in high school we used to have our joking sessions and make fun of each other and my buddy James came from no where and called me patches, well since that day on my name became patches and well if I didn’t learn to laugh at my flaws I probably would [of] had a different nickname.

Thanks for your time! Below you can see an old video of Patches, and friends doing some tricks for fun and practice.




I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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