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Interview with HarajukuDJ

HarajukuDJ ,also known as Dezarae, is a 21 year old traditional and digital media artist. Her name comes from her love of japanese culture and style, to her love of music. We’ve asked her a few questions to get to know the girl with the love for art as we do, and to find out why we’ve chosen her as a contributing member to College Artworks.

ARTISTICFLOWWhat started your artistic journey? 

I  don’t really know what started my artistic journey, ever since I could hold a crayon in my hand; I would draw. But I didn’t start off as an artist for drawing.  Sure, I liked drawing but I was a writer before anything else. I would write fan fictions, stories with my original characters and even poetry. I didn’t really get serious about any of those things until I got to middle school where I had this amazing art teacher. He helped me practice in drawings, critique my works and even read my stories! I drew and wrote not only because it became my passion but it was also my scapegoat from my disabilities and illness. Ever since I was younger I had issues with health and drawing and writing helped me threw it. He [my teacher]  ended up giving me an application to attend the Greater Hartford Academy of Arts and that is where my adventure started. I attended the school as a creative writer but always wanted to draw. I took drawing lessons that were offered at the University of Hartford or wherever I could get them for free. During my junior year of high school I wanted to be an art major but still wanted to write so I became a double majored student, just  so I could keep doing both the things I loved doing. I still love writing even though I am a Visual and Fine arts major in college. I want to be able to show my art to others, and also be able to make comics on the side to combine my two passions.

You’re a traditional & digital medium artist, which is your preferred method and why?

I like to do both traditional and digital art, though I like traditional only for the simple fact I am still learning with my tablet, but I also dislike traditional because I would have to ink the image then scan the image and fix it on the computer, while with digital you don’t have to do the extra steps. So it all goes hand in hand with me. Although, with traditional art I can do it any where without using a computer. So I like both, since each have their own pros and cons.

What brought you on to Deviant Art; what are the pros and cons for you?
It was my first year in high school a friend of mine brought me to this place, I loved it at first, loved the critiquing, favoring and comments from my fellow artists, but over time I saw how that decreases and people become less friendlier and more on edge. Art thieves come around and even some people who are just rude. Also followers become less and less active with the people that follow. I love DA because it’s a place to share art but if I could find a community that is better than I might join it.

Your style mainly consists of pin-ups, can you explain what a pinup means to you, and why that is your style?
Recently, yes I have had an interest in the Pin-up style. I used to love looking at the photos of the 50’s style pinups. looking at women being strong and sexy without being naked. I loved the feel, and even wanted to dress in the 50’s pinup style. I love the fact that you don’t have to be thin or a blonde to be a pin-up model or even to feel beautiful. that’s why I decided to draw pin-up. Just to show that women can be beautiful.

What made you partner up with (us) College Artworks? 

I wanted to help people get more interested in art, and to show more people my art and help the group with anything they needed artistically.

If you’d like to commission HarajukuDJ just vist her Deviant ART page, all commissions  are great quality for a great price, and visit her Youtube channel to see her amazing speedpaints.


I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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