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Creativity and Business – Ettiquette

Do you know how to write a properly formatted email?

Make Calls? 

Not many people do. It’s alright! In this article I’ll take you to the simple steps on how to become a bit more professional in your pursuits.

From this: Not sumtin lyk dis. 

Translation: Not something like this.

To this: 

Hello, _____

I am writing this article to show you the benefits on how writing properly can help you conduct business. 

Since some people dislike reading I will leave you with this simple but informative Ehow video. If you have questions or concerns leave a response to this below.

What they lack on mentioning is that you should keep your e-mails short and to the point, for more inquires they should call by phone or meet with you in person.

Make sure you meet in an appropriate setting like a library, or public setting.

The video below will also explain how to email to your professors for classes as well.



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