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Imgurian Magic

Now if you know what Reddit, and Imgur are then you’re in for a surprise, an artist who gained fame drawing the image below got popular on Imgur, and her name is Bella (18) and in her first semester in College. 

When did you start drawing? and What inspired you to start your journey with art? 
I have been drawing ever since I can remember, my parents noticed that I took an interest in creativity and drawing from a very young age. I have my first ever scribble hidden away somewhere still. I didn’t stop, and kept drawing, I remember being about seven or eight, around friends houses having drawing sessions, and her parent’s would be saying “She’s going to go to art school, I know it.” At school, if we were doing a class activity that included drawing, people would always come to me to draw what they wanted. It was actually a way I made friends back then. I looked forward to my art classes more than anything. School was a rough place to be, I was changing faster than I could keep up with and it was difficult to stay in touch with who I really was, bullying was stacked on top of that but I remember being able to pick up a pencil or pen and just sit and draw, and I’d forget it all. Art is one of the only things I can sit and hold my concentration with for hours on end. When I begin a piece, I take more than at least three hours, in some cases I’ve gone up to twelve. I don’t actually notice the time passing, I’m so absorbed in the drawing that I don’t really mind how long I’m sat there, as long as I create something I’m proud of at the end. With inspiration for art, I aspired to be a writer/artist from a young age. I filled notebooks upon notebooks with my stories, and illustrated them as I went. I think the thought of “I want to do something artistic when I grow up” was the thing that encouraged me to keep going and progress.
Did you ever think something like your Imgurian fame would ever happen? 
No, not in the slightest! Max has been a great friend to me, we’ve had some lovely conversations and he became a real friend to me when I was at my lowest, even though he was half way across the world. I never expected him to write the whole story in the post, I thought he would just be uploading the final commission and putting a caption with it asking people to come to me if they needed something drawn! You have no idea how shocked and happy I was when I saw the post, which actually came to my attention when I started receiving requests on Imgur. I watched as the post started getting more upvotes, in complete awe because of how personal it had been to me.
How did that make you feel?
Over the moon, I couldn’t believe any of it was happening. I was completely overwhelmed also, it was almost too much to take! But above all, I was extremely happy and excited.
Did you expect so much to come out of that one posting?
Well, yes I guess. . I didn’t really have time to expect, before I knew it I suddenly had hundreds of messages in my inbox and I had no idea how to deal with them. I eventually sorted out a system of putting requests into a spreadsheet and having them numbered and organised so that I’d miss no one.
I loved your drawing so much, and I loved the fact that all he did was tell you about himself and you created a masterpiece. Do you think about peoples personalities as they tell you? Or do you get a general feeling and put it into pictures; what is your artistic process?
It varies greatly, Max’s commission was actually quite difficult to start with, I’d never done a fully inspirational piece, in fact at the beginning he had no idea what he wanted precisely. That is when I asked him to tell me about himself, the fact that he’d lived in three countries over his life was something I really wanted to incorporate into the piece, I wanted to create a journey almost. He wanted to express his dreams, artistic love and inspiration. That’s where the colour and explosion of patterns on the left originated from, I didn’t have a specific idea so I just let my creativity lead me and came up with that. So, when people come to me asking for commissions, they either want me to take the same artistic process as I did for Max (telling me about themselves and the things they love ect) and I go and construct something out of the information I’d been given, whereas some others have a very specific idea of what they want such as video game characters or tattoo designs. In some ways I have a sigh of relief when I get a specific request, having to rack my brains for a piece like Max’s really takes up a lot of brain power, combined with the pressure of wanting it to be perfect for the customer.
How much do you charge for commissions?
A flat rate of £10 ($13.00 USD), and then £5/6 ($6.50/7.80 USD) an hour. Sometimes I come to an agreement with a customer of a fixed price that they pay at the end once I’ve gotten a good idea of what they want and If I’m happy with it then that works just as well.
Are there any other art forms that you dabble in?
Yes! I paint, use traditional art, pencil drawings, charcoal, pen. Textiles is something I am branching into now, after creating my Harley Quinn dress. I use animation, including digital animation and stop motion animation. I’m a freelance photographer, so I take my camera with me absolutely everywhere and do shoots with customers, along with studying photography at an A-Level. I’m also a graphic design student, so anything product/graphic related I greatly enjoy.
Bella Jynx3
If you’d like to contact her for works then email us at CollegeArtworks and we will relay the message or look for her on Imgur! She ALWAYS replies.


I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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