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Interview with Donna Sharples

Donna Sharples is an amazing English science fiction writer, and we got to interview her before she got too busy publishing her books which can be found on Wattpad.

How old were you when you started writing?

I remember writing a short story when I was nine, or about that age. We were learning about Pompeii and we had to write what we thought it would be like to live back then under those circumstances. I think that’s my first ‘pen to paper’ moment.

What inspired you really to start?

I kept reading all these stories and my mind would wander, inspiring my own stories. I actually sat down with a friend of mine, Toni and we discussed writing a book. But lack of confidence stopped me until I discovered Wattpad.

When & Why did you join

I’m a huge reader, as my friends and family will tell you. I always have my nose in a book and I was looking for free books to read whilst travelling to and from work when I stumbled upon wattpad in July of last year. I downloaded the app and then once online I realized I could create my own stories and post them for others to read. I had seen a few UFO clips on Youtube prior to finding wattpad and that’s when the seed for Diary of a Dead Girl began to grow.

Why did you join the Watty Awards?

To be honest, I entered on a whim. I hadn’t planned on doing it and being new to the site I wasn’t sure exactly what it was about.

What did it mean to you when you were a finalist?

I got an email from another finalist telling me I was through, I remember it was a Monday and I was about to head to work. I was incredibly happy and amazed, never in a million years did I expect to be a finalist.
It made me think, that maybe, just maybe others really did enjoy my work and it has given me much more confidence to approach my work in a more professional way.
How did you come up with the series; Diary of Dead Girl, and (R) Evolution?

I am the ultimate in Nerd Girl, and I’ve always loved Sci Fi. I was trawling youtube and a recommendation video showed a UFO, so I clicked on it and watched. And the seeds for DOADG (Diary of a Dead Girl) started, the more I trawled for information on ufos and aliens the bigger the story grew.

Below you can see the Book Trailer for Diary of a Dead Girl, and a link to both stories below.

If you would like to read the first book of two, click on the image of Diary of a Dead Girl! If you’ve already read that one click on the second image for part two; (R) Evolution. 

UPDATE [4-16-13]: You can also read her book reviews on her new blog.





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