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Coreo Dancing Challenge

Dancing is a hard talent. Even Patches‘ said it takes a lot dedication, and work in his interview. You have to feel it before you do it. I’ve collected a few coreographed dances via the wonderful land of Youtube, and I’m inviting all of you dancing fiends to come and join me on a dancing journey.


I will update this periodically with my progress and I urge you to the do the same. Here are the dances I will be working on learning along with the songs. It’s also a good workout to get the creative juice rolling over the clouds. 

The first one is “Try” by Pink but I may or may not make some changes to each of these dances. I want to be able to do some of the moves, and make it look cohesive.
The second one to learn is Ciara’s song “Like a Boy” – Which I’ve actually been secretly working on so this might be the first one you end up seeing.
Third one Just for fun:

~ Keep checking back to see updates ~

A. Analise



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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