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Growing Up Traditionally

I think all artists need to start with the basics.

I’ve always wondered how digital artist make such magnificent pieces and realized they had to have started drawing or doodling concepts on papers first. I also found out that Wacom has created something to do just this; draw traditionally but upload and color digitally. Below you will find a sample video for it; The Wacom Inkling.

The inkling costs around $200 and I believe that it’s sort of worth the buy especially if you’re an artist like Analise. Who can create wonderful pieces in her sketchbooks but when it comes to doing them digitally, hmm, there’s a tiny disconnect. It makes digital work a bit easier to do, now you still need to learn the fundamentals of Photoshop but you have to worry a bit less about your design. Although for some it may cause issues, and concerns. Below is an artist who draws greatly, and their experience with the Inkling posted onto their deviantART page.


On the left is the actual drawing, drawn on the paper, and to the right of it is how the Inkling interpreted the design, to me it doesn’t look that bad because I wouldn’t be expecting a completely picture perfect design but for some they are. I think all the photoshopping and color correcting that will be done will make this look like a finished piece but if you’d like to see this photo larger, and read his opinion click here. Below are more comparison photos, so far it seems that the Inkling picks up sketching lines rather than full and sleek long strokes.

466436341 wacom-inkling-review wacom-inkling-test-1

This also proves people should just start getting back to traditional drawings, ever since people switched to digital it seems we’re losing art in a sense, and not just adapting to the digital market. We need to keep the artist root going, and growing. Here are some traditionally done pieces that are 100x better than the above Inkling drawings, can we go back to that? I’m not changing my own personal opinion; I still think the Inkling is worth the buy but I want people to start doing more things traditionally as well. Make sense?



Be sure you always start with the basics before you venture off to something else. 



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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