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The Art of Marketing

Marketing, and art?

Some don’t think the two go together when in fact they go hand-in-hand. The art of marketing is crucial for any business no matter how large or small it may be. It even helps you as an artist. If you’re new to this site, and have just stumbled upon this post I urge you to check out the staff portfolios. There you will find our data in one neat file, and be able to choose if you’d like to conduct any business related inquiries.

But how do you market a good portfolio? Or even create one? 

There are simple tips in an article to promote your art but here you can find our simplified view. We’ve already discussed business cards, and your online etiquette when handling emails but we didn’t discuss logos or branding. For example, Dez is known as HarajukuDJ, Lilly is known as Knife, and A. Analise is known as AugustyneThey each have their own unique name that won’t be confused with someone else.

Since they are artists and not brand name companies we are going to stick to the art of marketing for artists, and the like. Not big name brands. If you’re a company and want to know the rules behind creating a unique brand name click here. For artists you just need to work on creating a good looking portfolio that has your name; your unique name.

Marketing is just a way to communicate a service or product in this case it would be the artist and the artwork, and your portfolio tends to help by a lot. A customer, or consumer, wants to see what you’re capable of before commissioning you for works.

Marketing4 - Online Portfolio

Aside from having a website, and/or portfolio to market your creations you should also have a consistent blog. Even if it’s just minor updates, or a twitter handle. Link it. It shows that you’re a real person but there are some downfalls in that marketing strategy. . . some people forget they have a twitter and link it to EVERYTHING. Which is both good and bad.

The Good (Twitter): 

  • You’re showing you’re a real person
  • Retweeting and being retweeted
  • Discussions are being hand between you and the buyers

The Bad (Twitter):

  • You retweet something irrelevant and that you probably shouldn’t have 
  • Your next boss sees it
  • Arguments and complications

In the artists industry some of those things don’t seem like a big problem but they could be for some buyers. Do you remember the whole Psy Anti-America thing? Not on twitter but still it was a “first world problem” with many Americans. It’s important to at least attempt to keep your artistic slate clean of all negativeness if possible.

For Psy that was a bit of black stain but it was easily removed with Tide (aka his management team, and himself apologizing.) For an up and coming artist that black stain might not be so easy to remove in a few weeks. It may need a lot of bleach and soaking which is why personally I prefer to keep a up-to-date and well kept blogging platform like wordpress.


Marketing yourself through blogging is probably one of the easiest things to do nowadays, I’m a big wordpress advocate and I’ll tell you why. You can blog from your cellphone on the beach, and upload photos within the post, you can blog on your laptop at that little cafe studio you always venture off too for creativity, and a smoothie. . . just like the hipster you secretly want to be.

Your blog is a more indepth version of your portfolio.

Portfolio Contains:

  • General Artworks
  • Pricing for Work
  • Commission Work
  • Quick Contact
  • Link to Blog

Blog Contains: 

  • Short posts on projects
  • Artists Schedule for what you’re working on
  • Commission WIPs
  • Backup Contacts
  • An About you
  • May or May not contain a general Resume
  • Link back to Portfolio

It contains all the information you couldn’t put in your portfolio which is again why I say wordpress suits this situation. You can customize everything into one place.


You can be creative while still being 100 % professional and that’s the real key to marketing



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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