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Beautiful Nights of Pure Terror

By A. Analise

{{~This poem is taken from a collection of the Terror poems in her new works of 2014.~}}

I awaken in these states
Of pure an utter shakes

Violent turns
Body burned

From the scratching
From the hatching

Of ideas and the dreaming
Oh oh oh the dreaming

Never good
But never lewd

Chirping minds
All the times

I keep them shut
Get out of the rut

Of the dreaming
Of the dreaming


A vivid narrative
Filled with expletives

Layered in the dim light
Filled to the brim night

Killing my sleep
Killing my deep

Deep dreaming
Oh oh oh the dreaming

The repetitious Intuitions
Kept locked in the institution

I’m not crazy
Just a little hazy

Was it just a dream
Or did it really mean?

Death upon a star
Go ahead take me far

Away from the
Away from the

Beautiful Night of Pure Terror

Photo Curtesy of and Google for finding it.




I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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