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The MAD Cafe – Expected Pub 2014 [STORY]


I came here often but never today, not on Fridays.
The mad cafe was notorious for its Fridays. Everyone who donned the Mad Hatter apparel was given a free medium beverage, and those like me who didn’t care for the free items were either shunned or taken pity upon. Why?

Just because I hate dressing up. I like my hair messy, and my jeans, and sweats. My dingy converse. I came here because of the school paper, otherwise I would never be caught dead here. It was bad enough my sister worked here. She owned the placed.

“SARAH!” A women in a little red dress called out to me. She had a little red top hat to match, her caramel skin covered in red sparkles. “Sarah, good to see you. Your sister is upstairs in the Caterpillar. Don’t roll your eyes, have a little fun.” She says and disappears into the Mad crowd. I roll my eyes again, and make my way up the funky colored staircase to the Caterpillar shaped office, that was the Ice Queen’s throne and found my sister in her office, Meerschaum holder in hand. It’s mahogany caterpillar design made her hands look beautiful in their silk white covers.

“Sarah!” She exclaimed placing the pipe on the table. “What are you doing here?” realizing where they were. “What’s wrong? Mom kick you out too?”

“Kick me out? No. The school paper made me come here.”

“The school has a paper?”

“No duhh.” Sarah said dropping her bag on the couch against the wall. She sprawled out and propped her dingy converse on the edge opening the bag. She took out a pad and pencil and began jotting down the decorum.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Nadia. I have too.”

“No, you really don’t have too.”

“Yes I do.”


“It’s my assignment, and if I don’t do it I’ll be expelled, and then I probably will have to come live in your grimey apartment.” Sarah rolled her eyes at Nadia, and sat up. Nadia stared at her for a minute and weighed the options. Should she or should she not?

“Alright, but there are rules.”

“What is this, I thought you’d be more fun.”

“Basic ground rules, you’re obviously going to need to stay with me for a couple nights huh?”

“Really hadn’t thought of that.” Sarah said biting her lip. Crap, I would have to stay with her huh? “They just want the story of what made you come up with this and how it runs.”

“Thought so, you won’t be able to get the latter.”

“Wait, why not? This has to be a story!”

“Oh, you’ll get a story, you know what why don’t I just write it for you?”

“Serious?” That might actually work pretty well “Can you even write?”

“How hard can it be? I wrote my business plan afterall, how do you think you run a business without knowing what to write and say.”

Sarah sat and watched as her sisters face went from polite to gritty in a matter of seconds. Why couldn’t I write my own story? I needed an angle or to at least know what she was going to write. It had to be my perspective didn’t it?

“I guess not.” I finally replied.

If you would like to read the rest of this story please add it to your GoodReads by Clicking HERE!



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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