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HRChallenge – Create a World – Can you see it?

You are now in a new surrounding. You have just awoken to the blinding sight of white, a barren land at first glance but as you sit yourself up you realize it. You’re sitting on water? This can’t be true. The water isn’t penetrating with your weight. Not that you weigh very much to begin with its like zero gravity. You know you’re not on earth anymore. You’ve awaken in another world. What can you see?

Shelly woke up on the ground, or at least what she thought was ground. Her hand grazed the top and that’s when she realized it. She was sitting ON not in, but ON water! How could this even be possible, the water looked like grass but it wasn’t. Was this a trick of the mind? Had she been drinking? The sky was white and in the distance hit the water line, in between the line and the sky however was a city. Or so it appeared. She stood carefully, overly concerned with the notion that she could fall through these dark green depths below. Curiosity, however, overcame that feeling as she sprinted towards the town.

As she came upon it she realized. It wasn’t a town. It was a place made to look like an earth town. She touched it. It was slimy and gave off a dingy look. Like one of those old ghost towns from back home, for this was not home. Where was she? What planet could this be? Mars? No. Neither. She didn’t know that many planets to begin with, was this a new discovery? Had she been abducted. She was determined to find out. All she knew for the moment was that this town was made up of a water-based substance, there seemed to be no more life than her. Where they underneath? There were more pressing matters in her mind, she would search more.

But first, she needed to feed.

Shelly knows what she’s looking for but not here. Where is everyone? Underneath? She pushed her hand upon the first building she arrived too and felt the slime subside and take shape upon her palm. What is this stuff? She held her hand out, and brought it to her face. It smelled like Tar. Was there a war? No, the water wouldn’t be green, or would it? Was this still earth? No. It couldn’t be.

She saw a flash of purple slide by quickly, what was that? She moved towards the flash and realized she couldn’t hear anything. It was extremely silent, dead. She didn’t understand panic set in. Why couldn’t she hear? It felt like pressure was being forced upon her head. There was again, the purple flash. Hello? She called out. She had no voice as the purple flash stopped and an anthropomorphic figure appeared in her view, at least she could see was all that went through her mind. But did she really want to see? This world was strange. The purple anthropomorphic figure spoke telepathically.

“You are here.”

“Where is here?” Shelly thought back.

“Here is the place located next to there” He pointed. “You have arrived, and search for others?” He questioned to himself. Shelly stared at him, at his features. He had two antennas wrapped around the sides of his head where his ears would have been. He was tall with the legs of a deer, and the body of a 6 foot 3 man. He wore a suit that appeared to made of his own skin. He was no other color but purple including his eyes which had a black outer rim. His fingers were long and appeared to be lobster legs. What kind of creature was this? “I am the Guardian of Earth.”



“Of earth?”

“That is here.”


“Yes, they are under us. You must pass these tests to determine whether you may go below.”

“So what is this?” She thought. “I have to prove to . . . you?. . . I’m human?” He nodded at her. She hadn’t noticed that the city around them had faded into oblivion. What was this place? New Earth, he whispered to her mind.

Two more anthropomorphic figures with slight variations to each. She could tell one of the new two was female. She walked towards Shelly and placed a box in her hand as a chair arose from the water-based grass below. Shelly opened the box and found gauntlets and armor, along with a pair of converse. At least they still have these she thought. She placed them upon herself only to realize she had been nude since the moment she arrived. Why had she not noticed that? She was unaware of her own body, her own being? She felt as though she didn’t even exist.

You are unaware of your existence because you do not exist until you arrive with the others at your true destination. The female replied to her. Their eyes made contact and it felt like a burning sensation. Shelly looked away as she now donned her gladiator apparel. You are ready.

What is this challenge?

Build. They all said in unison, the combination of voices in her mind shook her body. Shelly fell unconscious into her own mind in a land of all white, and was told to build. Build or Re-build, she had to figure that out for herself. There were others counting on her answer, the souls or humans left below. She didn’t know. The three figures appeared around her and pointed to the distance. There was nothing to be seen but white, the ground was even white. The air however felt thick. Heavy, hard to maneuver. She was now in the white space. She had to build with this substance but how? She would have to figure that out for herself.

Shelly began plotting her New Earth for all the people and things to feed upon. She still hadn’t fed herself, she had no means of finding a lamb or cooking. She wanted to eat and badly, the purple figures were starting to look like her most favorite delicacies. She would have to build earth quick and go back to her own home to feed.


End for now. ^_^

Question: What do you think Shelly feeds on? Is she human?



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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    Very nice but at the end I wish she had been able to have one completed simply because the second part of the challenge is for you to destroy your city in whatever fashion you can think of. You can decide how that occurs here, perhaps reality shatters? Let me know if you decide to take part in the second challenge and again thanks fro sending me the link! -OM
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