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Hot Glue Stencils – Not New Just Cool

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while, and today after I helped Ky hot glue the foam to his really awesome Nunchunks, I had the urge to test this out. I watch a lot of youtube videos related to crafting and I saw one a while ago that was really cool in my opinion. It was The Frugal Crafter Lindsay Weirich’s Video. I have the link below. She makes a bunch of these stencils using nothing but a non-stick baking mat, and a hot glue gun.

I don’t have a baking mat, but Ky had some old CD cases he didn’t care for. I used them. It was really simple, and to test it out, all I did was use the circle shaped imprint already on the CD case and then did a web-like design on the inside of it. I thought it would come out cool, and then the search began for some spray paint. We found some old Gold Spray Paint in the Garage/Shed. I used it, and made a decent pattern on a piece of paper. I had to let it dry for a few minutes before I could color on it but these are my results.

I followed her basic instructions as you can see – minus the baking mat.

IMG_1606Here is my “un-final” result, I want to get black spray paint and go over it once more before I say it’s final. Here is a closer view of the circles, and I did realize that spray paint is quite strong, in both pigment and odor. We sprayed it out in the garage were it is well ventilated but still it’s strong. I’m still smelling it, not to mention I did spray paint my stencil gold which I actually don’t mind (it just looks cool!).

IMG_1607Don’t the lines just look really cool? I agree. I really love this technique and plan on using it to create even more stencils that are unique and custom to the College Artworks look, and style. I think I’m going to make a ton of these and gift them to my Good friend Alien. She makes GORGEOUS paintings all using stencil and her creative mind. I would love to see what she makes using a stencil by me. Here is what the stencil looks like after it’s been spray painted, sorry I don’t have a between photo for this. Just imagine some hot glue drying, it looks plastic.

IMG_1602It reminds me of a spider webs, and Ky said it looked like Rims on a car at first. Still kind of does if you really look at it. Maybe I’ll do a car portrait. That’d be fun. The next project I want to work on with this stencil is to make a water spray using food coloring because I think that will leave a good impression and watery pigment on the paper, and then it will look like I painted it, maybe. If I do it correctly. So stay tuned for when I get around to that.

P.s. Here’s a photo of Ky’s really awesome Nunchucks!

IMG_1601Gorgeous aren’t they, today has been a great crafting day!



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