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AFO – Anime Festival Orlando

AFO-2015Yes! I went to the coolest convention ever this weekend.
(Click on the picture to be taken to the website.)

I really enjoyed it. I went to about 6 or 7 panels on Sunday and a few Saturday night. Saturday night was the Japanese B-Horror panel, and it was . . . definitely B-Horror movies, but it felt more like comedy. The first movie that played was “ZombieA**: Toilet of the Dead” and it honestly just made me want to puke. That’s all.

The next panels I went to were about casting and sculpting on latex. It was a great panel hosted by NegativeDreamer Costumes, and his adorable son (mind you, he’s 2 and didn’t actually talk with us). He showed us what to use when creating our masks, and so forth. You can ask him as many questions as you’d like through his Facebook page which I have linked twice. The next thing I went to was the Anime Voice Actor Panel, hosted by Todd Haberkorn, Veronica Taylor, and Eric Stuart. I have linked their talent pages. It was so entertaining, and it was Todd’s birthday too, and he was kind enough to share his cake. I didn’t go for anything but I enjoyed the gesture.

I wanted to go to the Stunt fighting panel but we missed it, it started during the Anime Voice panel and eh, it’s alright. I believe the last panel I went to on Sunday was hosted by, and they were discussing anime NOT by Studio Ghibli. I created a list of what they discussed if you are interested in hearing it. I think I am going to stop my listing of things here and just tell you what I did in the in between hours.

I was in and out of the Artist Alley about 30 times and walked the floor maybe more. I left a ton of business cards on a table in the artist alley area where the event things are. So if you are here from that comment below! I also gave my business to some of the artist in and out of the alley, and exchanged cards with the wonderful Sarah Serenity, who does Magical Cosplays.

I also bought makeup at the con, from SurrealMakeup, and the women in the booth was super sweet and had a wonderful personality. I wanted to buy more but I also need to save some cash for school and things. I also went to another small but large booth and bought eyeliners for my mother and I. I had a wonderful conversation about Game of Thrones with her, about who’s really good and who’s not, and if she should craft more items geared towards certain characters, and all.

I ended up buying “A Dragon is Not a Slave” – Daenyrs necklace from her as well. I can’t for the life of me remember her name though, but I did give her my business card so if she is reading this please comment so that I can link to your amazing works!  It was really fun, and I also played injustice Gold edition, so I think I’ll be buying that soon. As of now, I think we will go back to school shopping and buy me a planner!

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you all soon!



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