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Becoming a Minimalist . . .An Artists. . .30 Day Challenge

aertStarting today, October 9th, year in our Lord two thousand and sixteen, I August, shall attempt a feat of incomparable measure. I shall once and for all. . . de-clutter myself of art supplies.

I know, it’s been a long time coming and I have been day dreaming of it for a couple years now but it all has to start with ME. Therefore, I shall attempt to start documenting my journey.

Day 1: De-clutter. Examine all things and toss or donate them to my job. They could honestly use all the supplies they need. Things get lost and broken all year long. So today, I shall go through ONE of my art bins and toss out old art. . . .I’m writing this down because when I actually go to do it, I know I will have the strongest urge just to place it aside but NO, I CANNOT DO THAT.

It needs to be gone and destroyed. . . . that may be too harsh, but it needs to go. One way or another, I will create a bin for things that will be donated to the kids.


Just keep that in mind, and I am pretty sure that I will stay on track. I’m also trying to make this post longer than it really needs to be. This was just a step one update. So, November 9th is my personal deadline. If I can do this in less time, that would be great but we will see!

Right now, I have a bin full of random things. Let’s start with that, then move on to clothes I don’t wear, etc. Not just art supplies but that’s where we can start.

I’m getting rambly. . . time to do the work.




I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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