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Creative Vibrations. . .and Inspiration. .

Learning new talents daily is on extreme feat, but what if you always want to learn a new medium?

We talked about learning curves already, but this time we’ll be talking about watercolors and my personal favorite watercolourist, and acrylic painter; Paige Poppehqdefault

You can click the name or the image to be taken directly to her website and youtube channel.

Paige is a beautiful artist, and her style is quite unique. She paints landscapes, floral, and cacti. Recently she’s mentioned her favorite landscape to paint is Camelback Mountain located in Arizona, where she lives.

Which is beautiful from what I’ve seen her paint! It makes me want to visit Arizona more and more!!

(Aside from the fact I have friends who live there too, it’s just a bonus! Anyone say VACATION?)

Now the reason this woman, who is the same age as me (24), is one of 4 of my inspirations is because she can so easily create a beautiful piece using the things surrounding her, and is extremely talented with a water brush. I’ve watched almost all of her videos, and she always leaves them on a positive note and sends out ‘positive and creative vibes‘.

It got me thinking.

I started thinking about the last physical issue of our magazine, and how it just ended. It became digital and then changing this site around to work more for my personal news, and updates on my artworks. I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing the magazine back as a physical or online copy.

I just don’t know where yet. It may just be a full once a year artist collaborations publication.

The whole reason I’ve brought this up, and her, is because I want to give it another chance. As well as giving watercolor a chance too. This is like two updates in one, but anyhow, I want to know if I can be as good as Paige controlling the medium because we know I’ve already mastered the art of the pen, to an extent, and broadening my horizons seems like something that will make me a greater and stronger artist.

We can always use improvement.

So, hopefully this is the start of a long and arduous journey of learning what works for me, as well as getting paid commissions to support my dreams. Which is another reason, the people like Baylee Jae, and Paige Poppe are my inspirations. And of course; Joy San. Who all do art for a living, and many markets, and conventions.

I’ve done 3. I learn something new each time.
We’ll talk about that another day!!

So let us get the magazine, back up and running!
This is my attempt at watercolors below;



I'm a Connecticut Based Freelance Artist, who dabbles in Digital Media with a strong suit in Traditional Pen and Ink stylized drawings. You can find more of my work on

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