Acces Anime

Acess Anime


Acess Anime has been active since September 2012 but was founded on YouTube in 2006 with 534 subscribers. Acess Anime critiques and reviews through YouTube  It covers a variety of things in each episode. For example, they include a summary on passed episodes, a walk-through  and a review on the current episode along with final thoughts and a rating followed up with an update.

So far the channel has critiqued Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tale, One Piece, JoJo No Kimyou Na Bouken, Sword Art Online, Code: Breaker, Btooom!, Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer, Magi, Blast of Tempest, Zombie-Loan, Un-Go, Demonbane & Shonen Onmyoji, and Gundam Age, and the list continues as the reviews add up.

Even though the channel has over 100+ subscriptions it doesn’t mean the founder won’t accept suggestions. He is very open to them, and listens to all of them. So, if you have an anime that you’d like reviewed who knows maybe he’ll take your suggestion?

Acess Anime’s inspiration to start reviewing Anime’s altogether was Bankai922 on youtube, along with a few others.


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