An Interview w/Mike MayDay


Name: Mike Mayday

Profession: Lyricist/Rap Artist

College Artworks asks: What made you decide on your artist name?

Mike Mayday: My grandfather was in the Air Force so I tried to incorporate airplane terms with my rap. The term “mayday” means “going down” and I always say It’s about to go down before I write.

College Artworks asks: What inspires you to do music?

Mike Mayday: The main thing that inspires me to do music is the everyday ups and downs people go through. It’s not about the money and the fame, that’s just a plus. To see the reaction on someone’s face just because I related to them in a certain song, or make someone’s day just by letting them know they aren’t the only ones going through the problems they have.

College Artworks asks: What inspires the lyrics?

Mike Mayday: My lyrics are my blueprint [in] life, basically everything I rap about is real and from my heart, whether it be from a bad relationship to me boasting and bragging about things I’ve worked hard for.

College Artworks asks: How did you put the “Intro” song together?

Mike MayDay: The intro for Elevator Musik was thought by my engineer Vokal and I. It’s basically me introducing my story and everything I’m about. Shout out to Hero George who did the beat by the way, I use the same beat for the outro just for the fact [it is] so capturing. I had to make a full song out of it.

College Artworks asks: What do you suggest to other artists who want to be known?

Mike MayDay: In order to be known you have to stay consistent and never lose focus. Always believe you are the best in whatever you do.

College Artworks asks: Who inspires you personally, and why?

 Mike Mayday: The people around me inspire me to make the music I make. Some rappers that I came up off of were Fabulous TI, Jay Z, Nas and Lil’ Wayne. I say them simply because in their primes they are real lyricist. They are many more to name I am just using them as my prime example. They didn’t go with trends because they set trends and that’s what I’m trying to do as an artist.

College Artworks asks: Do you consider yourself a rapper or a lyricist?

Mike Mayday:  I would say both because I feel I am the complete package. I say I’m a rapper because I hold the image that is marketable in today’s music and I consider myself a lyricist because I feel my subject matter is like no other in the game and I already put myself up there with any elite mc out there hands down.

College Artworks asks: Do you do dabble in any other art media forms?

Mike Mayday: I went to school for animation technology to be a sketch concept artist, I love to figure sketch from time to time.

College Artworks: Which of your songs means the most to you?

Mike Mayday: I really can’t say because my music is one big emotion and I pour my heart into every song.

 College Artworks asks: Lastly, What is your musical process?

Mike Mayday: Rapping to me is like an exercise and my flow is a muscle. The things I use to help strengthen that muscle [are] usually a couple of blunts rolled and  the normal atmosphere that way if I need to pull something from my surroundings I can.

More by Mike: To the Opera

Newest Addition: Elevator Musik


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