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Becoming a Minimalist . . .An Artists. . .30 Day Challenge

aertStarting today, October 9th, year in our Lord two thousand and sixteen, I August, shall attempt a feat of incomparable measure. I shall once and for all. . . de-clutter myself of art supplies.

I know, it’s been a long time coming and I have been day dreaming of it for a couple years now but it all has to start with ME. Therefore, I shall attempt to start documenting my journey.

Day 1: De-clutter. Examine all things and toss or donate them to my job. They could honestly use all the supplies they need. Things get lost and broken all year long. So today, I shall go through ONE of my art bins and toss out old art. . . .I’m writing this down because when I actually go to do it, I know I will have the strongest urge just to place it aside but NO, I CANNOT DO THAT.

It needs to be gone and destroyed. . . . that may be too harsh, but it needs to go. One way or another, I will create a bin for things that will be donated to the kids.


Just keep that in mind, and I am pretty sure that I will stay on track. I’m also trying to make this post longer than it really needs to be. This was just a step one update. So, November 9th is my personal deadline. If I can do this in less time, that would be great but we will see!

Right now, I have a bin full of random things. Let’s start with that, then move on to clothes I don’t wear, etc. Not just art supplies but that’s where we can start.

I’m getting rambly. . . time to do the work.


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Inktober Versus Quality

Good Morning!
To mark the beginnings of the October, there is something mysterious artists do in which they refer to the challenge,

What is this challenge? It’s called Inktober. Its a month long challenge/event. In Witch, hehe see what I did there. . . Okay, what you do is create an Ink drawing per day. There is only one real rule; it must be inked.


Just to reiterate it; you must complete it. Now, to be honest, this is just my personal opinion when it comes to challenges like this. Its also a personal preference, just to be clear on that.

The drawings I keep seeing are just scrap-work, and again, that is my personal opinion. When I say scrap-work this is the kind of art that I am looking at; moon_by_augustyne-d4ibwnh

I understand not having the time to work on a piece because you are bogged down by other works, or you are just a hobbyist and this isn’t a full time job, but still don’t put up work that has no type of quality.

I do not think you should sacrifice the quality of your work by uploading scraps you have inked in the hopes of keeping up with the Inktober mindset.

Now, when you re-purpose those scraps and redraw them or turn them into something else, that’s a whole ‘nother post in its entirety.

Im honestly just being saddened by those artists who are doing what I’m describing. Please note that not every artist thinks about this in the same way. Again, I really want to make it clear that this is a personal preference. So, with that being said I am going to be using to of my own pieces as a starting point, or example if you will. As to not offend anyone. girl_chosen_by_augustyne-d6dwx95

Especially when I know and understand that every one arts differently lol but I want people even hobbyist to strive for greatness when they put their “Art Foot” forward. I want there to be this glass star way up there, out of reach, and you just have to stretch yourself out and just break it. I want you to break that star with your artwork.

JUST BREAK IT and then make a new goal to reach for, and with all that being said, leads into my next topic of Learning through Experience but we shall get there soon!

So for the year of 2016, and the month of Inktober. I am going to challenge myself, and attempt to put my best artwork forward. I shall leave you with this new standard to put upon yourself as well. . . . . . . . .  . I Challenge YOU!

(Below is a drawing for Inktober 2015)


That was all for today, thanks for stopping by!


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Hot Glue Stencils – Not New Just Cool

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while, and today after I helped Ky hot glue the foam to his really awesome Nunchunks, I had the urge to test this out. I watch a lot of youtube videos related to crafting and I saw one a while ago that was really cool in my opinion. It was The Frugal Crafter Lindsay Weirich’s Video. I have the link below. She makes a bunch of these stencils using nothing but a non-stick baking mat, and a hot glue gun.

I don’t have a baking mat, but Ky had some old CD cases he didn’t care for. I used them. It was really simple, and to test it out, all I did was use the circle shaped imprint already on the CD case and then did a web-like design on the inside of it. I thought it would come out cool, and then the search began for some spray paint. We found some old Gold Spray Paint in the Garage/Shed. I used it, and made a decent pattern on a piece of paper. I had to let it dry for a few minutes before I could color on it but these are my results.

I followed her basic instructions as you can see – minus the baking mat.

IMG_1606Here is my “un-final” result, I want to get black spray paint and go over it once more before I say it’s final. Here is a closer view of the circles, and I did realize that spray paint is quite strong, in both pigment and odor. We sprayed it out in the garage were it is well ventilated but still it’s strong. I’m still smelling it, not to mention I did spray paint my stencil gold which I actually don’t mind (it just looks cool!).

IMG_1607Don’t the lines just look really cool? I agree. I really love this technique and plan on using it to create even more stencils that are unique and custom to the College Artworks look, and style. I think I’m going to make a ton of these and gift them to my Good friend Alien. She makes GORGEOUS paintings all using stencil and her creative mind. I would love to see what she makes using a stencil by me. Here is what the stencil looks like after it’s been spray painted, sorry I don’t have a between photo for this. Just imagine some hot glue drying, it looks plastic.

IMG_1602It reminds me of a spider webs, and Ky said it looked like Rims on a car at first. Still kind of does if you really look at it. Maybe I’ll do a car portrait. That’d be fun. The next project I want to work on with this stencil is to make a water spray using food coloring because I think that will leave a good impression and watery pigment on the paper, and then it will look like I painted it, maybe. If I do it correctly. So stay tuned for when I get around to that.

P.s. Here’s a photo of Ky’s really awesome Nunchucks!

IMG_1601Gorgeous aren’t they, today has been a great crafting day!

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If you didn’t know already, A. Analise and Lanaya L. P. Pickett have joined forces to produce a Horror Movie for your entertainment but what they are asking from you is to help! Audition for a role in their movie!

We are looking for teens/adults to help us make a movie dream come true, we are also looking for extras, production assistance, and more. You can inquire more by emailing us at OR by leaving a comment below.


Location: Northwest Park, Manchester, CT 06042
Time: 3:00pm
Date: Friday, June 6th 2014

If you would like to join us please meet us there! If you are attending please let us know, so we can get a head count, and we can also email you the practice script so that you are prepared. If you do not want to act but would like to take part still meet us, and sign the bottom of the acting slip. You can also leave a note for us telling us that you DO NOT want to be an actor but rather a Tech/Prop Assistant. IF you cannot make it there will possibly be a second audition. So if you miss this one keep your heads up!

Link to the Script: N/A – Must Email US


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Did you see our affiliates? Have you checked them out? Below is a list to each group respectively, [these are not links] maybe something here will perk your interest and enjoyment?






6. FMA-OC-Cafe-FC





















JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: There seems to be a new page at the top of our menu! What is it? What could it be? Why it’s the bookshop!Just click the link to be united with the books in question. You’ll love them!

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East Side, West Side
Burning up my Pride

Maybe I’ll just make it my Bride

Cause everyone’s trying to take a side
And once they decide, I’ll be visiting them graveside

Make friends and divide
Be getting hit in the blindside

Cause unwanted suicide
Bringing pain to the countryside


Let the pride hide
Cause I’m all for the antisuicide

Why not let it collide and coincide
For now in my heart is where the thought will reside.

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NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE! – Secrets of Society – BOOK 1


So, this story has been published on wattpad for a while now, and is being taken down due to the recent Kindle Release. You can still get this book for free by Emailing: and requesting it from A. Analise herself, or you can buy it and support an independent author. Either way, her goal is to get you reading, and to tie you over while “Emma” is still in the editing process and publishing. Publishing as we’ve learned is rather expensive but well worth it in the end.

S.O.S is about Alana Moskalski, a northern European assassin and James G. Maxwell a northern American rich boy, and their fathers. A great secret that’s about to come to light, and involves the kids. In this romantic thriller you’re put on a journey through the eyes of both Alana and James as they figure out what’s going on, and how they can put an end to it. But Alana hates James, and James seems to be falling head over heels for Alana, how can they make this work to their advantage and not get anyone else killed? Welcome to the Secrets of Society.

[PG-13] Parents Strongly Cautioned

If you don’t have a kindle it doesn’t matter, you can download the app on to your computer (PC/MAC), use the kindle cloud reader on your computer, or get the app on Android and Iphones, Blackberry and more, just go to your app store and type “Kindle”!


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The Artworks Reviews & Collection

Good morning to all the lovely followers we’ve gained within our last two poetry posts. I wanted to let you all know that we are going to be posting Book Reviews on what we read, and what you recommend us to read. We will try and enter poetry, and book readings, and let you know about upcoming events in other towns in regards to spoken words, book signings, writing critiques, and etcetera.

The challenge for the year is to read 20 NEW books, and for some reason I keep finding books I’ve finished last year but forgot to update my goodreads so our real goal is 20 but our goodreads says 3 out 25, so good thing I accounted for the missing updates ^_^ What will you be reading? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list.

I’ll post links to each book when I log onto the computer currently on the kindle and typing.


1. The Circle of Sorcerers – Book one in the Mages of Bloodmyr – By Brian Kitrell

2. White Oleander – by Janet Fitch

3. Mists of Avalon – by Marion Zimmer Bradley

4. The Runner (The Michael Knight Series – Book one) – By A. Wayne Gill

5. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson

6. Local Author Books (to be announced)

7. Local Author Books (to be announced)

8. The Doll – by J.C. Martin

9. What You Don’t Know You Didn’t Know – Ali Biermen

10. The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne

11. Water (The Akasha Series) – Terra Harmony

12. Changed By War – Den Slattery

13. Experiment – Adam Moon

14. Buried – Matt Shaw

15. Man Versus Madness – Kevin Anthony

16. Seven Days from Sunday – M.H. Sargent

17. —-You pick for us

18. —-You pick for us

19. —-You pick for us


6, 7 and 20 will be our only two author books. So, leave your books and input below.

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Kimora Lee Misson

If you are successful, people want to see it. They want to share in your dream”. – Andre Leon Talley


This is what I would like for College Artworks in the next coming year or so.

Number one: to be on top of the Artist Community Ladder.

Number Two: A User-Friendly Website which is in the works.

Number Three: Commissions and Donations. I will now get into our Game Plan this coming year/month.

So, here it goes.

These are things I would like to see happen within the next few months.
– Guest Blogger List
– Poetry Weeks
– Story Weeks
– Book Reviews**
– GiveAways
– Commissions

and a few more hidden surprises.

Email me if you’re curious and want to help!


P.s. We have signed up to be a guest host during a Blog Hop, and host a giveaway. I will post more details soon. Once I know you will know too.

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I Shall Do The Same [POEM]

By. A Analise

My husband is a mystery
It will be our history

His name
Will go down in fame
And I, I shall do the same

How will they know?
Where will show?

In a world so twisted
Balled up and fisted

His name
Will go down in fame
And I, I shall do the same

Ready to fight
The world set alight

By the game
Just one name

This is HER story
Not history

His name
Will go down in fame
And I, I shall do the same