Community Service

College Artworks is an avid art fan, and user. Here we wanted to share some of our goals and community service projects and ideas that we hope to implement as soon as possible.

Just click on an image and it will take you to the respective places. We hope to do a few of these to give to those artists just starting out. Especially children who need art in their lives.

Food PantryGoal 1: 2000 Cans

Go to a local food pantry and volunteer. We will. Our Progress: 10% complete, we’re going to try and do a can fundraiser to get more people helping. If you’ve donated to your local food pantry let us know and we will raise the percentage each time someone donates at least 20 non-perishables including clothing. Makes sure you take a photo of you and the items to show!

Arts in SchoolGoal 2: Arts in Schools

We want to help out these art teachers, and schools with all their art projects. If you want to help us, just click on his face and it will take you to the appropriate site where we find the people. If you have a school and donate items let us know, and we’ll add your donation to our progress list. Progress: 5% Complete [100 donations for art/schools]

Artists_for_charity_logo_by_Ryuichi1979Goal 3: Artists for Charity: It’s an organization that pairs children in Ethiopia with artists around the world. We thought that this was a wonderful idea, and we want to help in anyway we can. If you’d like to join this goal then go to their website [click on the image] and you’ll be able to see how. Let us know what you do to complete our progress bar! Progress: 1% out of 100%


Goal 4: Artistic Mentors: Now, this is kind of a spin on normal student mentors. We want to find high school students with a passion for fashion…uh..I mean art and combine them with one of our staff as a mentor. Technically, Lilly is A’s Watercolor mentor. So, we want to do something similar to that with all of you. That’s not really community service but still! If you want to sign up for a mentor then email the group with the title “Artistic Mentors” and we’ll set something up. If you want to BE a mentor, email us!


Goal 5: C.A.W.B. Tournament: We’re thinking something really fun for the summer, but we need a show of hands who would be interested. It would be located in Manchester, Connecticut if all goes well.
Progress: 2% Complete.

STLL_IN_BETA_TEE_750 Goal 6: C.A.Ts: Obviously we don’t mean real cats, or do we? No, we’re talking apparel! We’re getting T-shirts made for staff, and everyone who is part of the College Artworks group! I’ll link them to the shirt when they’re available at the moment you can click the shirt to see the store of the artist who’s creating them for us.
Progress: 5% Complete

Crayons 8x6x72jpg

Goal 7: Portrait Crayola: I want to make this more like a mini-contest where you all participate in making a crayon portrait. Yep, you heard me right, and then I will take all the portraits and put them on a page like this showing them off. I call it the Crayola Project, or Portrait Crayola. You can use crayola or any other brand as long as they are WAX CRAYONS [or equivalent]. Details Soon.


Goal 8: Blade Tutorials

Despite the title, they’re actually not Blades but one blade, don’t worry though she’s not sharp, and it’s more of a Watercolor tutorial! We’re also going to try and find other artists to help with other kinds of tutorials, drawing, dance, music, etc, etc! Click on the image to see her work, and more.


Goal 9: College Artworks Channel

We’ve created a channel, and we hope to have amazing videos for you. You can click on the image to subscribe! New Videos coming soon!! Progress: 10% Complete!


Goal 1o: College DA. 

We already have around 20 members in the DeviantART group but our goal is to get at least 100 on both the facebook, youtube AND deviantART combined. Come join us by creating an account! Just click on the image to find us on DeviantART!

– If you have an idea for a goal, let us know! –


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