Coupled Artwork: Joshua Brandt & Heather Reeves

Josh Heather


Recently we had a couple sign up to be featured, and it couldn’t have worked out any better. Joshua’s poetry is complimented by Heather’s beautiful Artwork. Tell us what you think!

Or if you want to be featured.




   I’m smokin’ where the birds are

Where nobody can reach me

I’m talking with my eyes closed

So nobody can see me

But here I am

And it’s something special I know

I occupy this space

Like the trees down below

And my mind is turning

Just like the roads

I can see you from here

Holding on to your hope

– Joshua Brandt


   There are words I can’t forget

The whisper breaks the lie

Uttered under your breath

That defeats you one more time

There’s a sound that breaks your mind

Triggers lie in the world outside

And you can’t forget your past

But there is hope behind the lines

– Joshua Brandt



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