F. A. Q.

Here you will find all the frequently asked questions to life’s answers. Or just the answers to your questions about us. Either way, here they are!

    • What is College Artworks?

    College artworks was formerly known as a group of students, mainly with artistic background, that sat together and created a web magazine. (We still do!). Now it is solely owned by A. Analise. If you are interested in finding out more about why the change was made please email us at CollegeArtworks[@]gmail[dot]com.

    • Can we still join? Do you have to be in College to Join?

    Yes! I am still on the hunt for dedicated artists who wish to write and sell their works via College Artworks and No, you can be in high school, middle school, and in college to join. As long as you tell us that you are planning on attending a college in the future. We will accept all ages. You don’t need to lie to us.

    • Are there internships Available?

    The only “internship” we offer is to help us find promotions/advertisers and artists. We are working on getting teachers, and or other artists *Alumni’s* to offer internships for artists through us though. But for now, No.

    • How can I be featured?

    > > > See the submissions page. < < <

    • I have a friend, and sent you their artwork to feature. Will you?

    Not unless you’ve asked their permission. Reason being is that we don’t want a lawsuit against us. When you send your artwork in you’re essentially part of an agreement where we have the rights to post your art with the interview into our magazine and website. If you didn’t ask for permission we can’t do that. Unless their art is stock and they’ve said that it was free to use but that’s a different story.

    • How can I become part of the staff? [ APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN]

      I am looking for people who work well together and have a strong passion in any artistic field, whether it be writing, painting, etc. If you think you can do this job please email me at CollegeArtworks at Gmail dot com.

      Sadly, we are not accepting staff requests but you can still join as a member, and if you show real commitment to your artwork, and the group itself one of the founders may extend a hand out and call upon you for certain events, etc.

      • I can’t see the magazine on my computer.

      This has actually happened only once since the first release, the problem might be your browser or that we sent out the wrong link. We usually correct that within minutes. If the problem persists then it is most likely the browser. Google Drive Supports most browsers. 

      • What kinds of art do you feature?

      We feature any kind of art you can think of. If you can think it we will feature it! See the Submissions page for more.

      • Are their any programs that you offer?

      Not yet, but we are working on a community service idea for just that. See the Community Service & Goals page for more information.

      • Can I leave the group?

      You can leave the group at anytime, and take your artwork with you. We will not hold you against your will, however we will hold onto the artwork in our galleries due to it being ours once it is sent in.



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