It All Starts With One Voice – Prologue Only –


I stared at the computer screen as my fingers fiddled the mouse scrolling through yet another document I wrote up. It was the fifth one I’ve wrote since I got here early in the morning and since the five years I’ve been here, I knew better than turning in a document even with one mistake.


Truthfully I could hear the voices calling me, but right now was not the time to have a so called ‘friendly’ chat with one of the co-workers. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but when you have ten documents that need to be turned in by this afternoon you need to block unnecessary voices.


I stopped everything I was doing as I shot my head up to face the one and only, Michael.

“Yes sir?” Michael, cold blooded Michael. The man with the screams that will have any thirty old man asking for their mother, and right now I wouldn’t mind calling up my mother.

“My office, ” He spoke with his cracked cold voice. I sat up from my chair and followed him off to hell.

Taking in his awfully gray room, I took a seat in one of his chairs, that creaked as I sat, and prepared for what was to come.

Michael Sawyer, thirty four years old, son of William Sawyer former owner of this fine establishment, growing white hair by the minute, litteraly, wearing his same old outfit which seems to be quite good looking on him, solid blue button up shirt with his beige khaki pants and his shiny black loafers. When you first see this man its as if you were actually seeing his father, same wrinkles and attitude. You can easily see that he’s never taken a break from work.

I sprung away from my thoughts as Michael cleared his throat, “Your probably wondering why I asked you to come?”

No shit Sherlock was what I really wanted to say but me being the kind guy, who really doesn’t really want this job but wants to keep it anyway for its nice pay, I actually said, “Why yes, sir?”

I was nervous. Being in this plain office with the guy is like being in white room with nothing but silence, and this guy’s intimidation does not help one bit. Then when it hit me I became even more frightened.

I was gay and Michael was a huge homophobe.

Not like anyone knew, so how would they find out? I know I’ve been covering it up real good I even kept myself from wearing eyeliner and having nails painted black, which I miss very much. Yeah sure I haven’t had a relationship in a really really long time, but wouldn’t he understand since he’s single as well. There’s no way he could find out. Right?

“Adam Lambert!” I brought my attention back to Michael and when he noticied he nodded.

“Okay I wanted to inform you that there will be a part timer starting tomorrow,” he stopped and looked me straight in the eye and I knew from there that every organ in my body stopped.

“Yes?” I gulped, what was so bad of having a part timer?

“And he’s going to be your intern,” and that sentence made my whole body froze.

An intern, a guy intern for me. Oh no.

I nearly jumped at the sound of the door opening and that’s when all hell broke lose.

It was blue eyed guy who seemed to be about twenty seven and had freshly cut blonde hair. He wasn’t that tall from what I can see, probably five feet eight inches. He was nicely tan but not like those people from that show ‘Jersey Shore’ his seemed perfect. He was wearing a white tee shirt with a blue hoodie on top, some slightly torn blue jeans, and blue high tops. He was…..adorable looking.

“Adam this is Sauli your new intern,” and then he flashed the most perfect smile I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hi,” He said with an angelic voice.

I didn’t say anything in return, but I knew one thing for sure.

I was attracted to this guy.



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