Soundcloud Transcripts

Test Run Transcript: 

Good Afternoon, or Morning fellow artists. This is A. Analise one of your many future podcasters, I’m glad that you’re tuning into our first test run with this. I know it’s not monday but perhaps tomorrow I’ll upload another official recording.

This one was set up in a spur of the moment but I will try to make it seem as coherent as possible to all you just waking up. Today I was on my NewGrounds account just rummaging and thinking about making some more articles for our blog

which reminds me if you’ve yet to read the latest few articles posted you should go check them out. I’m also trying to work on a page that is directed to our YouTube so you don’t need to search for the channel or videos.

Anyhow. The latest article was about handmade soaps which I personally think is a great idea. Especially for those people who like to carve unusual things, or are just allergic to normal soap. Either way it’s a fun activity, and we can get kids involved.

Now if you know me, you know that I’m actually studying to become a licensed child psychologist, and I try to incorporate children into all aspects of work. For example tutoring, working with children in schools, and art classes. This past week MCC hosted a children’s art event where the students helped children make paper mache elephants and more.

I wish I could have gone to it. It sounded like a lot of fun. But I have participated in other programs such as the afterschool programs where we created scrapbooks, and weaved baskets at another elementry school here in CT. I wonder if they still do that afterschool program?

We (as a group) are also thinking about doing that. You can check out everything else we’re thinking about doing in the “Community Service” section of our website as well.

And I think that’ll wrap up this test run. Tweet us at CollegeArtworks and tell us what you’d like to hear or discuss, or comment on the facebook page and we’ll be sure to reply.


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