The Watty Awards Interview

Now everyone remembers our interview with Juanita but did you know that there is also a competition that takes place every year on Wattpad? I’ll tell you about it. The annual contest goes by the name of the “Watty Awards” and I thought it might be fun to interview an older author on the site who has participated in the event.

(I actually interviewed two but this is part one).

I asked Darrell Pitt on Wattpad what actually got him into writing here [on wattpad] and why exactly did he join the watty awards to begin with?

I started on Wattpad because I knew that this was the best location on the net to share my young adult novels. Lots of teenagers read on Wattpad and especially people who like character driven stories.

What does it mean to you in your own opinion, Is it just for fun or does it bring out the best in your work and drive you to completion?

I joined the Watty awards because they’re a great way to get more exposure and get feedback from people about my writing. It’s also fanastic to get your best work out there so that people can see what you’re capable of producing.

Click here to see another Wattpad User: Donna Sharples 


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