UnExpected Artwork: CTtransit

I’ve found out if you carry your artwork with you, out in the open people are bound to ask to hace a look at it. In doing so you can spark up a conversation about the subject and traveling throughout a city is tough enough, but you’re likely to meet some unexpected people who have the same interests. Artists are everywhere! I interviewed one of those city artists on my local bus one morning.

Kervi, a great CTtransit driver is that artist. I asked him 5 simple questions and got some great feedback.

How long have you done art?

Since I was born, but it became serious more towards high school.

Do you use it as medicine?

Yeah, at once, I kind of did. It relieves stress. It’s kind of like a muscle where if you work it, it makes it stronger.

What is the difference between art when you were younger and now?

Wow, well it’s like there is more a devotion to it. Now there are [also] more styles, and they’re different.

What has art taught you?

What has it taught me? It’s taught me a lot, it’s taught me to do what you love to do and don’t let anyone change that.


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